Thursday, July 22, 2004



Had fun this morning booking transport out to the airport. Icelanders being very thorough ask what flight you are catching. Mine didn´t exist! Much telephoning confirmed that the flight does exist. The airport guarantees a bus to catch every flight. But they weren´t expecting a flight at this time (everything leaves Keflavik am or early pm) so it looks as if my bus is being operated by the bus company as a taxi.

Went to an open air swimming pool. Very Mediterranean. Water at 29 degrees (normal), plus three hot tubs, going up to very hot. Plus a steam bath. All in all a genuine Icelandic experience.

Whale watching this afternoon. Nothing seen for the first 90 minutes, and many passengers had been driven off the deck by cold or by sea sickness. Then some excellent sightings of minke whales, including some close ones. I had heard that their breath smells when they exhale, but it is something different to experience this when one blows at close quarters. Also saw some white-beaked dolphins - three in tight formation. Plus lots of puffins and fulmars. A jolly good trip, though my fingers are still tingling from the chill as I type this.

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