Wednesday, July 21, 2004



Journey underway.

Arrived in Reykjavik on route to Kangerlussuaq. Sunshine and 17 degrees at the airport; warm and occasionally wet in Reykjavik.

The city seems very familiar after nearly three months here last year. There are a few changes, notably a shortage of internet cafes. Prices are lower, which helps.

Been to the "old" swimming pool in the town. It looks as if it is 1950s built, and curiously has a sign saying it is 82 feet long. As Iceland has never used imperial measures I'm puzzled. Was it built by the Brits? It seemed very quiet compared to a British pool - in particular the children were quiet. An add-on to the pool is open-air hot tubs, which I suppose makes sense in a city with endless free hot water from the friendly volcano. The whole pool smells of Reykjavik water, ie rotten eggs.

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